It all started small – with merely 18 rooms, run by former farmer Claas Johannsen and his wife Sara in the seventies. Today, there are 48 rooms, suites, hotel-apartments and studio-apartments, which spread out on several thatched houses. Opposite the main buildings “Kapitänshüs“, “Norderhüs“ and “Westerhüs“, which are connected by gallery corridors, there are the separate apartment-houses: “Dikhüs“, “Süderhüs“, “Terphüs“ and, since 2013, “Senhüs“ and “Lönhüs“. Partly, they provide a private spa and a fireplace, while they offer a lot of privacy and in addition the service of the hotel.

Despite the steady growth, the Benen-Diken-Hof has maintained its welcoming, charming and caring atmosphere at all times. All rooms and suites of the hotel have been furnished by the Johannsen family in a sophisticated cottage-style. The rooms are designed in original Frisian style with lattice windows, floors with natural stone and planks made of oakwood. Elegant, but still cozy, here you will immediately feel at home.

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