Holiday with your dog

Sylt is the perfect destination for a great holiday with your dog. Some of our hotel rooms at the Benen-Diken-Hof and holiday homes in Keitum are ideally suited for you and your pet.
Sylt ist a dog-friendly island. Here, your dog finds a variety of possible activities – whether you go for a stroll through forest and meadow with your four-legged friend, walk over the watts, play in the sand or swim in the sea surf.

Sylt is paradise for dogs throughout the year, but especially in the low season, Sylt offers best conditions for a holiday with a dog. Because then, not only the beaches are deserted, also the linen duty on Sylt is void in many cases.

In our portfolio of hotel rooms & apartments, respectively holiday homes, you can easily search for an accommodation, where pets are welcome. Furthermore, you can download a map with all „dog beaches“ and run-off areas here.

Rules for dogs on Sylt

Owed to the fact that Sylt offers limited space and many areas are nature reserve, like almost everywhere, there are a few rules to follow:

  • During the main season, dogs are allowed only at the designated „dog beaches“.
  • Dogs have to be put on a leash in parks, in green areas and sports facilities, throughout Westerland including the promenade, throughout List to protect the free-range sheep, on public events and markets, on the cemeteries, on public transport as well as on the paths through the nature reserves.
  • Please ensure, at all costs, to avoid that the wildlife is disturbed by free running dogs. Therefore, leashes are compulsory in the nature reserves of Sylt. This also applies to the dikes, where sheep and lambs graze.
  • Please also advise other dog owners to put their dogs on a leash.
  • Do not let your four-legged friend enter children’s playgrounds.
  • Feel free to take advantage of the free dog waste bags and please always remove the excrements of your dog.
  • Since no one but you can know that your “four paws“ is actually quite peaceful, please make sure that no one feels threatened by your dog.
  • In case of emergency, please have the vaccination card, health certificate and insurance number of your dog’s liability insurance ready.
  • Furthermore, please remember a leash and collar (with dog tag), plastic bags for the leavings and a muzzle if necessary.


In case of an emergency during your holiday, please contact these veterinarians and their assistants:

Stephanie Petersen
Terpwai 14c, Braderup
Tel: +49 4651 99 53 03

Dirk-Arne Wohlenberg
Königskamp 25, Tinnum
Tel: +49 4651 35 677

Ivonne von Kobilinski
Kiarwai 28, Tinnum
Tel: +49 4651 29 97 791

Praxis für Tierphysiotherapie
Ulrike Grasedieck
Tel: +49 4651 44 90 218

Mobile Tierheilpraxis
Sonja Rommerskirch
Tel: +49 163 66 366 26