Dear guests,

with the “new normality” we have adopted behavioural patterns in Germany that help us to get through the corona
crisis largely safely. In the following, we have listed the rules of conduct that are still useful and/or legally required.
In your own interest and in the interest of all our guests, we ask you to adhere to them in our hotel and on the island.

First of all, we must all comply with the rules of hygiene. This means that you and we keep a distance of 1.5 – 2.0 m,
if possible, wear a mask in the public areas of the hotel (reception, corridors in the hotel, toilets in the hotel …), wash
our hands regularly, use the disinfectants placed all over the house.

The minibar is not stocked on arrival. On request, this can be done individually.
Fruit is not placed in the rooms or apartments. Please prepare your breakfast buffet in the morning.
The evening room service is currently not available. Magazines, the information folder and brochures are not available.
Decorations are currently not available.

The use of the pool and sauna is only possible with prior reservation with members of the family or close persons.
The pool can be booked for 30 minutes in the period 7.30 – 21.00, the sauna for 1 hour in the period 9.30 – 21.00.
Towels and keys are available at the reception. The changing rooms are unfortunately not available at the moment.
Please use the bathrobe provided in the room/apartment.

The use of the milon®-circle is possible for 4 persons, who do not have to belong to a household, at the same time.
The milon®-circle can be booked for 1 hour between 7.30 and 22.00 hrs. The changing rooms are unfortunately not
available at the moment. Members of the milon® club cannot currently use our pool.

We urge you not to check in if you feel ill or have had contact with a Covid-19 infected person. Despite the plexiglass
window at the reception, we ask you to wear your mask also during check-in and check-out. If possible, please refrain
from paying with cash. You can also make a bank transfer in advance.

Current CheckIn-/CheckOut times:
CheckOut until 10.00 a.m., CheckIn from 4.00 p.m.

We cannot offer a transfer station/airport for arrival and departure at the moment.

Child care cannot be provided at the moment.

By placing the tables and seating arrangements, we ensure the necessary distance between the guests.
Breakfast is currently served in four time windows: 8.00 – 9.00, 9.15 – 10.15, 10.30 – 11.30 and 11.45 – 13.00.
Our guests are requested to coordinate and keep their breakfast times at the reception. Registered guests
will be guided to their seats.
The restaurant accepts reservations for two time slots: 18.00 – 19.45 and 20.00 – 22.30.

What is new is that now you really must make reservations everywhere on the island – including with us.
Because we have to be able to plan for you. So please make your reservation (preferably by telephone or
immediately upon arrival) at the hotel reception (breakfast / coffee, tea, cake / dinner or corresponding room /
apartment or domicile service) and please keep to the agreed times. When entering the gastronomic areas,
keep your masks on until you have taken your assigned seats; then remove your masks. Now you can breathe
a sigh of relief, talk and enjoy. We will take care of you and provide you with fresh air again and again.
As soon as you get up from your table, please use your masks again. And you should take your tables only
with members of your family or with your fellow travellers. Currently, a maximum of 10 people from several
households may be placed at one table.

In order to trace possible chains of infection we have to record your personal data. However, this has already
been done with the reservation.

Your Benen-Diken-Hof ® – Team

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