“Moin!“ – at the Benen-Diken-Hof we welcome our guests directly, warm-heartedly and the Frisian way, because we feel connected with our guests who visit us in Keitum again and again for years now. Along with our friendly staff, which is always at your disposal with professional advice, we aim to ensure that you enjoy your stay on Sylt and have a relaxed time. We would love the Benen-Diken-Hof to be a place where you may feel at home away from home – to be your “island on the island“.
If you have further questions or wishes, we will be pleases to help you.

Hotel Reception

T. +49 4651 9383-0
F. +49 4651 9383-183
E. info@benen-diken-hof.de

Holiday homes Reception

T. +49 4651 9383-500
F. +49 4651 9383-555
E. feriendomizile@benen-diken-hof.de

Gisela Kirchberg

Reservation Manager & Reception Manager
Telefon: 04651 9383-0
Email: info@benen-diken-hof.de

Nora Karich

Deputy receptionist Hotel
Telefon: 04651 9383-0
Email: info@benen-diken-hof.de

Sarah Franke

Reception & reservation
Telefon: 04651 9383-0
Email: info@benen-diken-hof.de

Daniel Jäger

Reception & reservation
Telefon: 04651 9383-0
Email: info@benen-diken-hof.de

Lisa Kocher

Reception & reservation
Telefon: 04651 9383-0
Email: info@benen-diken-hof.de

Svea Grünberg

Reception & reservation
Telefon: +49 4651 9383-500
Email: feriendomizile@benen-diken-hof.de

Marcello Ceresini

Gastronomic director
Telefon: +49 4651 9383-360
Email: ceresini@benen-diken-hof.de

Lennart Dewies

Telefon: +49 4651 9383-360
Email: kueche@benen-diken-hof.de


Evelin Varga

SPA manager
Telefon: 04651 9383-340
Email: spa@benen-diken-hof.de

Claas-Erik Johannsen

Telefon: +49 4651 9383-0
Email: claas-erik.johannsen@benen-diken-hof.de

Anja Johannsen

Telefon: +49 4651 9383-0
Email: anja.johannsen@benen-diken-hof.de

Johannes Welker

Managing Director
Telefon: +49 4651 9383-0
Email: j.welker@benen-diken-hof.de

How to get here

By car

Sylt ferry

Since 2005 the “SyltExpress“ of the Rømø-Sylt Line provides the transfer between the harbor List in the North of Sylt with the Danish harbor Havneby up to seven times daily. While your car is safe in the ship’s hull, you start your vacation with a boat trip and a breeze of the fresh winds of the North Sea: For 40 minutes you can enjoy the view over the Wadden Sea on the free decks and in the restaurant with panoramic windows.
Address Sylt ferry: Kilebryggen 1, 6792 Rømø, Dänemark

Car shuttle train

During the transfer from Niebüll to Westerland, car drivers neither need to accelerate nor to steer and they can dream while looking over the Wadden Sea. In just 35 minutes, the car shuttle train comfortably reaches the island: In Niebüll you get on the train and simply stay seated in your car during the crossover.
Address car shuttle train: Kurt-Bachmann-Ring 2, 25899 Niebüll

Free e-car charging

In case you arrive at the Benen-Diken-Hof with an e-car, like the Tesla Model S, feel free to charge with one of our three charging poles.
For more information about charging your e-car at the Benen-Diken-Hof, please contact the hotel reception.

Travel by train

Sylt can also be comfortably reached by train.
With the “Intercity“ connections of the Deutsche Bahn, you get directly to Westerland. There are connections from Berlin, Dresden, Bremen, Münster, Dortmund, Cologne, Hannover, Göttingen, Kassel, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe.
From Hamburg there is an hourly connection to Keitum with the Deutsche Bahn.

Travel by airplane

Reaching Sylt by airplane is the fastest way to get there.
From Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Münster/Osnabrück, Mannheim, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt/Main or Zurich the flight time to Sylt directly is about just over an hour. Both well-known airlines, Eurowings and Lufthansa, offer transfers to Sylt several times daily.


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